Sitting bench

Sometimes things go ill. You prepare something like plates, beaten egg, flour and breadcrumbs to make fine schnitzels, or you prepare nice hot steaming bath and suddenly the door handle cracks in your hand. Well no, it's not just the handle, something is wrong with hole locking mechanism, because the tongue stay inside and doesn't slide out. It doesn't move at all. Ok, I need to remove the handle, but removing the handle is pretty problematic, because decades ago somebody removed theat small screw which hold handle in the plce, drilled a hole through and beated a nail through handle, through inner prism, through everything. Ok, so you tap it with hammer, press it with pliers gently but firmly and you pull it out. Handle is finaly down, we just take out the key and... no. The keys has tooth which somebody whose strength was much bigger than intelligence bent so it stays inside the lock. The only way go get it out is to be destructive and drill a bigger hole. Tools gather at your feet, your swearing amuses all the neighbours. You can't use the original lock, you have to find a new one. Two hours of pain in the ass work just to shut the door. There is one big problem hidden in the small one and doing its best to get to the daylight.

Why am I writing about this, when title says sitting bench? Because before publishing this I had to update CMS on this site. First world problems.

That bench is made of oak and ash. Seatch is one piece of oak handplaned to the shape. There three slidings on the bottom side to prevent it from twisting and through sliding and the seat there are leg mortices going through. On the top side they are wedger and planed smooth. Those three slidings, six legs and three trestles are made of ash. Staring with one piece of roundwood timber, split it up, and plane it to final shape.

The back is individual peace of ash attached to the wall. The crack is fixed with two butterflies and there are two wedges giving it some angle for leaning the back.

I didn't mess up with that so there are no making of pictures, sorry.

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